She's with God

I sit in the last pew-watching and listening.

Everyone stops and looks at her. 

Some people stand there for what seems like eternity,

while some barely glimpse her.

Some stand there whispering words that should have been said

not while she was dead. 

Others reprimand themselves quietly for things that were never said.

Yet I sit in the last pew-watching and listening.


I watch as people take turns to speak highly of her,

but where were these people when she was still on the Earth.

I hear the rise and falls of wails,

and I see the incessant stream of tears.

Yet, I sit in the last pew -watching and listening.


I can't help but wonder why they are mourning,

when in fact she is better off than the rest of us.

She is sitting side by side 

with the Lord MOST HIGH.

She is no longer stuggling with sickness and disease,

but all she does is praise at God's feet. 


I sit in the last pew-watching and listening,

and overwhelmed with peace

because I know that she is dancing at God's feet. 

So do not mourn and be filled with woe,

but know that She is with God where there is no sorrow. 


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