She's Flawless

A little black girl woke up today

looked out her window, the sky was gray.

Walked into the bathroom

and the first thing she did was make a face.

Spent an hour trying to change her hair,

her natural curls were not what she would wear.

Growing up her whole life being told to try to change her hair,

that her skin is a little to dark for likes,

that her plump lips are just not quite right,

and the clothes she wore should be the kind

that the white kids would really like. 


But not once did she get the message that

shes flawless, and didn't need to change.

Society keeps telling her

that the white girls are more worth the range.

Her curls were perfect just like that

and her dark skin is where its at.

She's flawless,

We're flawless.

And the people who disagree are just idiots.



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