A Sheet of Paper

It started as a ray,

Which you drew

On a piece of lined paper,

As a sole point going

In an infinite direction.

You decide to turn it into a segment,

With you and I as the endpoints.

I finally noticed that segment

And began to cherish it.

But you got your pencil

And erased your endpoint from it

Leaving me as a lonely ray

Left going in one direction.

I suddenly found myself intersected

By a different ray.

This time, no one could erase it

As we became an angle.

But you soon came back

With your pencil in hand

Ready to rejoin you and I

Back to our original state.

Suddenly, you drew yourself

Intersecting my newly formed angle,

Turning it into a triangle.

I broke that triangle apart

And remained in your angle.

But you left me as a ray again

And I went back to form

My angle with him twice more.

But I left him again

Since you made me believe

That you would stop erasing yourself.

You erased yourself again,

Wearing a hole through your side of the paper.

This piece of paper fell apart

As I followed suit.

I created numerous holes through that paper,

Making it difficult to tape it back together.

I believed there was no tape

Strong enough to mend it.

There were more holes in the paper

Than anyone ever thought.

He found me a tape strong enough

To mend my side of the paper,

But I did not wish to use it.

He finally made up his mind

And redrew his ray

Going the other direction for good.

I began tearing that paper apart

While shaking uncontrollably

With tearful gasps of air,

Hair strands pulled out,

Bits of skin peeled off,

And breaking that pencil in the process.

That’s when I finally decided

To use the tape.

My side of the paper

Began to patch up.

But the other side was completely

Torn off without warning.

A journey began to search

For that missing half,

But it was nowhere in sight.

I remained a ray

Going in that same direction

Looking for you.

It took many rolls of tape

To patch up the holes.

Although my side of the paper appeared messy,

It was nonetheless patched up.

I attempted to invite others

To intersect my path,

But they drew their paths

In other directions.

I never once abandoned that journey

To find your half of the paper.

You suddenly found the paper

And taped your half,

Which also patched up,

To mine

And we found our rays almost forming

A segment once more.

However, no matter how much we try,

We just cannot seem

To join these two rays together

No matter how much tape we use.

Many people question

Our choice to keep that piece of paper,

But we are not ready

To throw it away.

Maybe we should find

More pieces of paper,

More pencils,

And maybe some glue

To fully bridge that gap

Between our two halves.


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