She Watches me


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She Watches Me
By: Irene Beauvais

I talked to her alone
When only my brain was awake
Tossing and turning
My cousin, she interrupted my dreams
Red skinned girl with long red hair
A perfect role model for me
She walked in the shadows with lives that could now live
She said life is too short so live
Like she lived
Beyond orbital life

She traveled light years
Space, earth, heaven, and hell
She was with the living
Those who could really live
She orbed non-stop into different worlds
But her heart walked my world
Her voice whispered in the ear of mines
Softly like the wind
Telling me to be strong and always hold on
She was my wind and air that gave me life

She lay there on the driver's side
Pressing the gas as shot rang out
It was too late for her leave
It was too early for her to go
She poured out her feeling to me
In my dream
She said she saw it, lurking around the corner
She said saw herself looking at her reflection
She knew that life for her was just beginning eternally

I heard her say that she will visit me again
Telling me not to worry
To brave and to don’t give in
And from that day I was never afraid to say she watches over me


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