She Was Never Great In the First Place

Thu, 02/16/2017 - 05:33 -- vickyo

Built on the back of genocide, slaves, and rape

America was never great in the first place

She stole, she ravaged, she plundered, she killed

She forgot, she wronged, she lied

But now she is starting to heal


Her arms are now growing more wide

Her eyes are open to those who were denied justice

She smiles bright but the corners of her mouth, sea to shining sea, have begun to droop, to sag, to fall down

In the right direction she was heading

Until a new obstacle soon got in her way

She underestimated it and thought he was kidding

But now she is unable to keep him at bay


Yet, we should not fret

Never should we ever say

That we need to make America great again

Because it never was in the first place

This is her chance to be born anew

To progress from her dark past

To love all her people no matter who

In these pressing times, as of late

America has been given the chance

To prove herself

And earn the title of truly being great


She needs to build up the weak

Fortify the strong

Reform the laws

And right her wrongs

Provide equal opportunities for all

And understand those who are different from us

Because the more alone we become

The harder she will fall

This poem is about: 
My country


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