She Was

She was indestructible to many

 But too many could not see

That the beautiful, happy girl. . .

 She was drowning in agony.


She could feel her heart breaking

 in the silenced pain.

She was reaching out for help

 But only she remained.


Where did everyone go

 who said they would be there?

She wondered why she kept fighting

 when no one really cared.


She was helpless to her thoughts

 Convinced that no one could understand

So she conjured up the strength

 To take life in her own hands.


She was a beautiful tragedy

 No one would have guessed

That such a "happy" girl

 Would be such a broken mess.


She was completely unaware

 that she was able to be saved.

She turned to death to help her

 and her life was taken away.


If you ever start to believe

 that you should end your life.

Take a minute to breathe

 and call a suicide hotline.



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