She Stands Alone


United States
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Misunderstood often by herself
She tries to understand her mind and yet she’s still confused.
The path she has created for herself not fit for no one else she stands alone.
The rush of the trees the buzzing of the bees if only she could see what everyone else sees.
The immediate reaction to the world’s asinine ways, she ponders the thought to stay and then she realizes she stands alone.
The cuts exposed on her skin the scars imbedded in her heart she cries.
No one cares to know her struggle. No one cares to know why could care less if she died
And then she pauses. If the world knew she were gone, they’d sing a weary song and watch them drop her under.
No one cares about the tears she cries, no one ever really tries to understand the how’s and the why’s they all stare until the tears dry.
The medication prescribed an addiction she subscribes the symptoms that were described were not as nearly harmless as they thought.
Still alone she stands the blood dripping from her hands she’s left to wonder
Taking her own life at first she wouldn’t dare, now she’s tugging at her hair the pain becomes unbear-unable to capture the essence of life.
She still stands alone. In a cold dark secluded room isolated from the outside
How long will these thick walls keep her in solitary confinement?
The walls she barricades herself behind soak in every word she tries to speak to the outside her heart began to subside.
She’s becoming less aware of where she’s at, no one cares to understand that THAT… is the reason she hates herself.
For being someone she thought she could be, around a group of people that excluded her from we now push her to the side of the crowd.
Yelling in a mass of people they all look and stare.
As soon as she began to speak, her tears began to reach their peak and the crowd looked away as if she wasn’t there.
She loses faith in God and she loses sight of her clear path and just that quick just that sudden she’s filled with so much hatred for everyone else.
She still stands alone. She still lives life in solitary confinement and she still lives life unnoticed
She constantly cries why me?
Why can’t I be set free?
Why can’t my life be just as easy as everyone else’s appears to be?
Tie a rope around her neck and hang me where they dropped her heart
Maybe while it still beats she’ll still have a chance
Now she hangs alone in the same atmosphere of her dreams
Life by oneself isn’t as easy as it seems
Her autopsy proved that there was more than just being alone
She found comfort in vicodin, Percocet, and oxycodone
The drugs that gave her that high the drugs that made time go by
It was the drugs that drove her to suicide
But it’s influence and peer pressure whatever you decide.


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