As She Shrinks


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United States
29° 44' 31.29" N, 95° 49' 29.406" W

I used to think she was selfish

People are starving and she rejects food?

Food that is offered to her

Is body image that important to her?

It never was before, so why an obsession now?

I never understood her

Couldn't fathom why someone would just stop a normal human function

Eating! It's what humans do, right?

Does she look at me and think I'm fat?

No, she thinks that I'm perfect,

Always tells me that she wishes she were me.

That I am beautiful

And skinny.

Skinny...I hate that word.

I hate the stigma that surrounds those six little letters.

That one word has done so much damage.


Does she think I'm weird because I eat?

No, she understands why I eat

She understands why everyone eats

But if she does, then why is she denying herself food?

She knows eating is good for her and that she needs to do it,

So then why wouldn't she act like Nike and just do it?


I didn't know.

but I started to understand.

It has nothing to do with beauty

Thats what most people don't get.

This is no quest for the perfect figure

for shimmering blue eyes

or locks of golden blonde hair

Its not about skinny.

Or about beauty as a whole

Its about control.


I yell at her,

Not because I hate her

I want her to overcome the villain in her head

I get scared that she will be like this forever

Paralyzed by his disease

Shes in a complicated maze and I want to help her out.

But I've only been stuck in small mazes before,

never one as big as hers.

So I get frustrated,

but it's only because I love her.

I want to help her.


And I think I understand but still don't fully

Its been nine years but she still is a bully

To herself

To her body

To her own self esteem

She tears herself down

Her insides scream

Her body's not a temple, instead a tomb

where the roof is leaking and the walls are crumbling

Its not about her image, it's about her mind

Rational thinking has been left behind.

Evil is eating away at her brain

It pulses and tears at her tiny veins

She struggles to hold on to reality

But the voices in her head weakens her mentality

Its not on the surface, it's hidden below

As her body shrinks, she sees it grow



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