She, I...

Her hands were cold

She didn't fit the mold

"You're different" they'd say

Make the voices go away


She wants him to come back

She's having a panic attack

She wants to be skinny

She wants to be cute

Sometimes she feels like she's on mute


These words in her head

She wishes she were dead

On the outside she's jokin'

On the inside, she's broken


My hands are cold

I don't fit the mold

"You're different" they say

Make the voices go away


I want him to come back

I'm having a panic attack

I want to be skinny 

I want to be cute

Sometimes I feel like I'm on mute


These words in my head

I wish I was dead

On the outside, I'm jokin'

On the inside, I'm broken



<3 you are loved

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