Close your eyes and count to ten

relax your mind and soon you will be you again

no longer frustrated but a glimpse of hope

that pass by like a moving stock  

silences please no one make a sound to awaken all the hidden things awaken from the ground 

as she approached the room she became know 

a person people despises and ran from the unknown

a nightmare that captures a hand full of dreams 

snatched out there imagination leaving them lost in a road of broken dreams 

shader glass that scraped the smile that seems to have it all put together  

to soon fail to reveal that the girl they saw was me 

the girl everyone is hiding from had her time to break free 

remove the bars and chains that tie her down and locked up 

as she raised from the died as she promised herself she would stay put 

as that ticking bomb reached 100 she warned everyone to stay away 

a girl with no soul just came out to play

move out of her way patience hasn't been a skill to learn

speaking her mine where her words 


Burn the skull of your head to leave a mark from me 

i told y'all that this girl I didn't what you to see

life push me to hard that being nice left me in the same spots for years 

i had to shake it up from the past couple of years 

this girl

don't let her fool you because shes definitely is back

waiting for someone to try her next 

as my eyes  watch your ever move making sure you don't see a thing 

as i added you to my list 

of the people WHO MADE ME MEAN



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