She and I

For many, it’s just words on a page

Held there by the writer’s will

Yes, it is words on a page

Whether in a rhyme or not

Well that’s up to the one that writes

But it’s so much more

To this lost girl

Who was shy beyond reason

Lost in conflicting emotion

The paper was her shelter whenever the sky seemed to be falling

The pencil her sword to battle the darkness

The words were her raft in the coming storms

She wrote about the world through her perspective

No matter how gloomy that turned out to be sometimes

She wrote and she wrote whenever she felt unrest

The stars are a witness to this

Pages and pages of words that inspired feeling

Had double meaning

Could be sung

Let you see a glimpse of who she was

Who she is

Words that would let you in

Give you the key to her world

Kick you out

And words in an order that made absolutely no sense

Except to her

She never wrote to be seen

But to discover who she was

It started out as a way to cope with the ever changing world and her wandering mind

But in the process she discovered her heart

She discovered herself

The good and the bad

And whenever there seemed to be

more bad than good

More dark than light

she put her pencil to paper and wrote without thought

To figure what to make of it all

in the process, she reflected the light

And she and I are one

Still writing

still discovering myself along with the world

But my paper is no longer a shelter for just myself

I'm hoping to teach others how to wield their own pencils

And not be afraid to brave the storm with the right words

This has become part of myself

It’s forever entwined with my soul.


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