Shattered Soul

Thu, 02/11/2021 - 20:17 -- JZ

My mind is like a dying flower.

Begging for someone to show me the light in the world,

But slowly feels myself lose hope as

My mind continues to wilt away.


My thoughts are like a disease. 

Spreading sorrow throughout my body.

As it kills me on the inside,

And shatters me apart even more.


My heart is a fire that is slowly fading.

All the pain and regret cause me to give up,

And make me yearn to blow out my own flame.

Hoping and praying that someone will save me.


My mistakes are my burden that I will live with forever.

Slowly letting them tear my mind apart day by day

As I slip away to my darkness.

Trying to contain them only to fail

And let them remind me of my pain.


I live in the shadows and watch all the merrily folk walk past me

Seeing each of their faces shine with glee and joy,

But slowly feel a lump in my heart that causes me to envy them all.


And eat up their hatred and pain they decide to leave behind in the shadows.

Thinking that they will never see my true self, for I am

And shall always be a shattered soul.



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