Shatter of your Bones


Your face is soft and sullen,
gashes pouring on your face,
bruises painted on your eyelids, 
and I think you may be dying
Your eyes are so wide,
so green,
you try to smile,
but your teeth are red and broken
I brush my fingers,
across your skin,
and the shatter of your bones,
your skin is impossibly delicate
I can see you trying to speak,
reaching out,
your fingers trying to grasp,
but you are impossibly weak
Our fingers entwine,
your eyelids start to stutter,
you give me one last look,
before the colour begins to disappear
Green fades to moss,
to grey,
you try to speak,
but your hand curls inwards
Calm does not settle over you,
as you begin to speak again,
your words slurred with blood and weariness,
organs drowning
Emotions begin to wash away,
your face turning impassive,
as your life flashes before your eyes,
and drains within each second.
Each breath is a wheeze,
lungs clawed to pieces,
blood drips down your face,
like an interwoven vine.
Your eyelids droop,
the trembling in your fingers ease,
everything shuts,
the wheezing stops.
Your face is one I shall never forget,
a great companion beside me,
I'll never forget the look on your face,
when you eventually stopped trying.


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