Mommy, dear, where have you gone?

Please come back and be my mom.

It's different here at home without you.

Please come home Mommy, I need you .


Mommy won't you please come home?

Please don't leave me all alone.

I've got Daddy and brother and sisters too,

But you’re my mommy, and I need you.


Mom why have you gone away?

I wish that you’ll come back someday.

I cry at night, I’m terribly blue.

Because you’re my mom, and I need you.


Mom you said you’d always be here.

To push away all of my fears.

I’m so afraid, but where are you?

Please help me Mom, ‘cause I need you.


Mom please stop doing all the drugs.

Please come back and give me hugs.

Tell me you love me and I’ll say I do too.

Because if you love me, that’s what you should do.


Mom, am I not good enough,

For you to stop doing all that stuff?

Our love is better than the meth.

And if you don’t stop, it’ll end with your death.


Shannon, you have broken my heart,

And I’ll forever carry the scars.

The drugs are what has kept us apart,

And destroyed this love of ours.


You’ve made your choice, I’m done with you.

You’ve caused me so much pain.

So now, Shannon, I don’t need you,

Don’t ever come back again.



This made me cry.

I wrote it about my my "mom". She left when I was young, and she hasn't been clean since.


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