Shaking My Head

Sun, 04/07/2013 - 22:21 -- kje2013

Shaking my head
Shaking my brain
Ignorance makes me insane
But I can’t complain
Cause life’s like a game
Play it good, you’ll be okay
Play it bad, and you’ll be dead
So ima just play it right instead
And ill be ched
Like cheddar cheese
Money for me will not please
Rap is whack, hip hop is dead, still yall give them people cred
My ears bled, I mean bleed
When I hear those people scream
For those rappers on stage
Who won’t engage
In a life worth living man I gota say
I feel played
But it’s ok those people do it their own way
Anyways better things to do
Like go to church
Keep my butt in school
Then ill feel cool
Ill be saved
Cause that’s how I do it,
God’s way
One last thing I gotta say…
I got 99 problems, but my faith aint one


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