I once knew a Shakespeare,
No, he didn't have the drench coat
He didn't write like a poet either

I once knew a Shakespeare,
Who walked through cemeteries
He stared at the stars,
Alongside his ghostly friends
Who would arise from their graves
Just to visit him

I once knew a Shakespeare,
He thought j was mentally insane
Why would I think such unnecessary things?
Or ever more strangely, write them down?
Why would I try to write poetry, when I clearly didn't have the capability?

I once knew a Shakespeare,
He was mute,
And had to communicate with his hands
As I walked beside him,
He handed me a flower, stained in the color of magenta
I knew he had finally come to understand
As his lips curled at the edges
And his freckles danced in constellations across his cheeks
He was a Shakespeare,
By the way his eyes were inked with a soulful black


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