Thu, 04/28/2016 - 15:34 -- Aezion


Acrosss the field,

Across the meadow,

Across the lawn and across the room,

As the adults yawn and the children snore.


Lollipops, gumdrops,

Nightmares and blessed dreams,

Amongst the sleeping,

As the moon shines down

Upon the houses and trees.


The awake,

Working, typing,

And other actions,

Taking place

Within closed space.


Though not all is cheerful,

Not all is happy,

Not everyone is warm and comfy,

Sleeping under a blanket, in a bed,

Some wonder if they'll be dead come morning.


The homeless and impoverished

Juxtapose against it all,

The comfy and sweet dreams of the sleeping,

The safe and secret actions of the awake,

All countered by the shivers of the poor.


Mother moon, a beacon of hope,

Hope of a brighter morning,

Hope of safety under the light,

Yet that safety is not always found

Amongst all in the world.


Mother moon sees over it all,

The safe sleep and actions of the wealthy,

The uncomfortable, rigid sleep of the poor,

As they sleep to the next morning,

As well as murder, death, and prostitution.


Overseeing shadow cloaked drugees and dealers,

Cheap, poor corner call girls,

Gang related blood spilled,

Dragging off of innocent girls

Into the alleys and buildings around.


So much happens at night,

All in the moon's sight,

Shadowed, dark,

Bright, joyful,

Together at night.



A time of darkness,

Of light,

Of happy dreams,

And cold nightmares.

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My country
Our world
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