Lemay Village Apartments
Lemay Ferry Road
United States
United States

No matter how late we came home on a winter night,

there were always enough lights to see with;

Lemay Ferry Road is always busy.

That was long before the 

monster named fentanyl

snatched my cousin Mikey

like one of those kids on milk cartons

except we knew he'd never be returned

and everyone whispered about the big A

when they'd think we couldn't hear.

A loud pop rings outside

but it's no engine backfiring

and it's not the fourth of July.

Momma says not to worry

because we have a metal door

but a seven year old still checks all the windows at night.

We board ourselve in to make sure we get out,

so don't ask me why I'm afraid of you.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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