Shadow from society

This person doesn't talk much 

He doesn't talk because his anxiety kills himIt's kills on the outside He tries to be talkative He tries to be outgoingBut yet anxiety shoots him and BANG!Down he goes to a place he's very known withHe had close friends come and go And one on the way this upcoming monthNow he's very talkative but depending on the peopleHe plays many instrumentsBut yet not many people knowHis creativity and artistry is off the chartsBut yet again not many people knowBecause he tries not to show offBut who cares if anxiety and shyness shot him downBecause he doesn't have to be the most talkativeHe doesn't have to be the most outgoing To him life is ok To him life is nothing but meeting the right people who understands on the being the shyest person in a group.And how interesting he really is what makes it even more surprising to you.

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