A Shadow

Sun, 01/12/2014 - 13:59 -- atams


17561 Westbridge Road
United States
41° 34' 12.4644" N, 87° 49' 44.742" W

Hiding behind walls, 

my only friend: the only one who does not see me

befriending the rocks and shriveled flower petals,

 petrified to move by myself,

afraid of being left behind,

yearning for the space I wish I had,

but never wanting to be alone like so many people in the world

standing there waiting to be discovered by the only thing that makes me feel whole

I wish I could be someone else;

I do everything she ever wants,

yet still she never sees me for what I am.

never able to take a step for myself

easily forgotten

always in the dark

not ever seeing myself

never feeling loved back

dreading twilight's aproach

how lonely it would be to be me


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