Sexing Your Life Away


 Do you know what I mean when I say, "sexing your life away"?

Girls 13, 14, and 15 are quick to lay, not even knowing that they may regret it some day.

Parents and teachers pretend they do not know, while the rate of teen sex continues to grow.

Young girls are pregnant. Why is this world getting so hectic?

One mistake can ruin your whole life. Why can't you just wait until you're someone's wife?

You want to go to college and get a degree maybe? But, that's going to be really hard to do when you have to take care of a baby.

STD's are not something to joke about. They are something that everyone has the oppoutunity to live without.

When you go to the doctor and he tells you, you have HIV you'll then realize that it's not just something you hear about on T.V.

If you want to have sex please use a condom. If your boyfriend cannot respect that then nevermind him!

Ladies just think about the things you do, because the choice is always up to you.

If you take my advice you'll thank me one day, because you do not want to be the girl sexing your life away.

I know.





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