Ten years ago when I was seven,

All I ever wanted to was a teen.

I’m seventeen.

I always thought it would be different.

That I wouldn’t have to follow anyone else opinion but my own.

But by this age,

 I feel nothing more than a suggestion box,

Stuffed full of everyone’s opinions except for mine.

I’m seventeen,

I told myself that I would never quiver at the sight of anything,

I didn’t quiver when that kid wanted to punch me in the face for being me,

So nothing really scares me.

But I’m seventeen and,

I quiver at the smell of her perfume.

I’m seventeen.

And I feel like I’ve met the one.

The first time she said hello;

I quivered,

She had me at hello.

It may sound silly.

But she made me silly.

Oh, I’m seventeen.
We were all seventeen, 
we all fall victim to that person,
the person who holds the remote control to our smiles.
This is my story, 
our story.
Years from now,
I'll tell my seventeen year old.

I wont’t spoil the story for you but I’ll say this,
your story may start off slow, but just 
Wait you're in for a hell of ride.
But for now I'm seventeen,
Just a lost boy trying to find his way.

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