"Seven Lives for You"

Fri, 11/23/2012 - 22:52 -- Belle

Do you ever wonder, Dear,
When you see the children here,
Why you never joined their play?
Why you never saw the day?
Why the golden sun above
Never touched your cheek, my Love?
Why those little lives are gay
While you lie beneath the grave?

Oh my dearest little child!
How I wish that you were here!
How I wish to see your smile
And catch each precious tear!
But gone you are, gone forever
And I the one to blame
Young I was, and foolish yes!
As I recall with shame

I will tell you all, my love
Though it grieves my heart to say
How I, by wild passion drove,
To have my child by others slain

But, my child, you did die
Not for naught, but for a cause
For though, beneath the ground you lie
Seven others stand by your side
Not in graves beneath the frost
But alive with thankful hearts
For they know what it cost
For you to die that they might live
Seven lives for your dear one
Seven lives for you!

It was with pain I did perceive
That darling child I had conceived
Was gone forever with my leave
It was with guilty shame I thought
I was to black with grievous fault
To be of use to anyone
To have a saintly crown be won

I thought your precious life was wasted
Because the cup of vice I tasted
“But then,” thought I.
“If eye for eye
And tooth for tooth
Then may it be not life for life?”

And so I gave my strength, my soul
To make another live and whole
And when I saw that blessed child
Safe from murderous hands so nigh
Came to my ear straight from above
“Not life for life but life for love”

And thus it came to be, my child—
You in Heaven all the while—
I below in penance toiling
Oh! Those murderous hands foiling
So six more could come to birth
To live upon this glorious earth
And learn to thank one whose life been told
Was ‘nough to make their mothers bold

For they all know that your life gave
That seven more have hence been saved
Seven lives for your dear one!
Seven lives for your dear one!
Not for naught, your life did give
For it is by your death they live
Seven lives for you dear one!
Seven lives for you!


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