To set the table of love

Because I love you,

I set a table of love.

A table of perfect, abounding love

I lay this out for you.

I set the table

The table with my burnt tablecloth

with my chipped plates

and the cups covered in scratches.

…But the love…

Oh, the love!

The richest love one could ever taste

Served in heaping mountains upon the imperfect plates

Because I love you.

Because I love you,

I let you see my chipped plates and burnt tablecloth

Because I want you to know,

That because I love you,

You will never be scratched, chipped, or burned

Without the table of love

Set for you to feast at.

You are not alone

Because I love you!

My arms reach across the tables 

As rich laughter envelops us

And tears roll down our cheeks.

We are overwhelmed with this love.  

I take your hands in mind

My sister

My dearest friend 

Because I love you

I would lay down my life for you.

As we feast on the love,

The aroma of the love filling the room,

I know this love pours out of God

Served with imperfect vessels,

But love all the same.

I cannot be perfect for you,

As much as I want to be,

But I will always be there for you.

Because I love you

I love you with God’s abundant love.

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My family
My community
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