Set Back

Set Backs

Living in a community with gun violence.

Looking at the news and seeing innocent vitiams get pop!

Not thinking about  will my life end to today by all the tragedies.

Or even focusing on the things around me.

Set Backs always happens to someone who unexpected.

Many dreams had been establish through Dr.King but is this world really working to get off our hands and knees and find peace.

How many more misery do we need to get off the concrete?! Do we really believe that the economy will last on its own two feet?!

We dont need another set back to get things right.

We dont need another Hadiya,Trayvon and a Michael Brown to create new laws!

All these Set Backs I wonder who started that.

Is it possible to come together in a sipple harmony. You need to know music to know that the sound is right.The sound in my neighborhood is not a mozart.Walking in the hallways at your school you most likely will hear chief Keef. 

R.I.P on shirts you see daily.

Set Backs is all on the news. No old news.

Set Backs are crazy and it doesnt wait for no one. So stop retorting all these negatives raps and start a new one because you dont live twice.


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