The Serial Masochist

The Serial Masochist-Stella D’Vine

I watch helplessly as you form and define.

Her hand gently tucked inside yours.

My eyes burning with tears.

My heart crumbling in defeat.

I watch because I like to see.

The Serial Masochist.

I can’t look away.

My chest rising and falling with gasps.

I brush it off.

My eyes telling a different story.

I smile. Fake.

I shake hands with her.


She backs away.

This is my territory.

I will fight.

I will regain what I lost.


No matter the pain.

I will gain him.

The pain of it all too sweet to erase.

I must feel it to know I am alive.

I am a serial masochist.

Looking for the juicy pain that will someday end.


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