September 22

On September 22, I tore us apart

Muting all of the beats that flew through my heart

Silencing the river of love that quenched my soul

Ripping away all of the feelings that I never could control

I ended us


I strangled breaths of the whispering "goodbye's"

I flourished the tears that pierced our eyes

I ended us


I ended us so that we could live on

So that when we smile

It wouldn't have to be forced upon our faces

So that we can find where our true place is

Whether it's together or not

It won't matter because our smile should never stop


It should never perish

Never dried out or be locked away for another day

It should always be cherished

Always seen from a mile away


If we don't smile

Everything would become hostile

Life would be long, life would be hard

We would never let down our guard


So whenever you feel like there is no end

Like your soul will never mend

Just remember


On September 22, I tore us apart

So that we could smile

With our heart



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