September 13, 2013, 12:32 AM

well I thought about a lot...
just like I always do...
I thought about the sky,
I thought about the moon,
I thought about the trees,
and I thought about you.
but the moon wasn't just the moon tonight,
the moon shone quite bright,
and it hung in our sky
like a solar system display;
it got closer & closer throughout the day.
when the sun went down
it lent its light
so the moon would show
to keep us humans from plight.
but do you understand that?
the moon was 3D.
the moon was important to me;
the moon was a part of me
it wasn't just part of our system.
it was part of our sky...
the moon was one of us tonight.

and I thought about the way we all live
from LA to New York to Paris.
they start their days when Californians sleep.
but at one point we all look at the same moon,
and that's important to me.

you have to understand that.
no matter where we're at,
we'll be looking at the same moon.
right now we're not very far,
but it feels like it to me,
since I don't know exactly where you are.
but what keeps me sane is
at one point, you look at the moon--
you have to.
and I may be looking at it
at the same time
and that's why it's so important to me,
and that's the reason for all this rhythm & the rhyme.

I just wrote this poem because...
I felt like I owed it to you.
after all the hard work,
after all that you've been through.


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