Senses for Awe

Noisy things are awesome
They're really great to hear
Close your eyes and listen
Imagination's near
Silent things are awesome
They give us time to think
Silence at its peak
Smelly things are awesome
I know my nose can smell
Daffodils and walnut shells
Delight or repels
Scentless things are awesome
They're hidden from the nose
Otherwise I'd hold mine closed
What do you propose?
Tasty things are awesome
They nourish and delight
I hope it's not roast possum
We do not need to fight
Nasty things are awesome
They save us from consumption
Though we can learn to overcome
Sometimes just trust your gumption
Tactile things are awesome
They stroke, provoke and bump
Light touch can lift our hairs
Or make us scream and jump
Abstract ideas are awesome
They're less concrete than air
They make us frown, attract, fall down,
Our hearts and minds make unique pairs
Things you see are awesome
A ~pallete made of life
Motion blurs and haze obscures
Our sight is not a knife
Everything is awesome
You will not see it all
The best in life is clear
Love will conquer all
This poem is about: 
Our world


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