A Senior Year


Every child dreams of their senior year;

For some, it never comes.

Whether tragedy or truancy;

it always seems unjust.

This year has been a hard one;

no one would have ever guessed.

A senior nearly took their life,

while a junior was laid to rest.

And what about the teacher who nearly lost their life?

Or the alumnus who lost his fight?

There has been family lost;

An uncle, a mother, a brother, all friends.

The seniors at St. Clair will be united til the end.

We have taken the hardships

and we have won the fight.

Being that senior that nearly gave in.

I have learned my lesson;

I will hold on until the end.

Life will not end after senior year;

it will only begin.

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I am sorry to hear about the tragedies. I wish you the best in everything in life. Your miracle and your joy is right around the corner. Life has a way of being so terrible, especially when it seems that every single horrible event possible in life is happening in your life, all of the time. But, I know that everything happens for a reason. And, bad stuff can do one of two things: break you, or allow you to grow and experience things that you never thought you would.

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