Senior year


United States
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I'll tell you about my senior year,
It was a great, adventurous time,
It's hard to recall without shedding a tear,
But above al, else, this year has been sublime.

Starting in the months ofAugust,
the first thing I did was join the band,
Oh man I especially loved this,
Because all together were we with instruments in hand.

We played our best at all events,
Even though we weren't our best,
We never asked to make amends,
For then we would not have passed the test.

I then wondered how it all would end,
If indeed I made it there,
If by graduation time to God I would ascend,
Oh God, would anybody even care?

I leave my legacy and passions,
As I go on to better things,
I'm sure in college I'll find some rations,
as behind I leave my friends and flings.



I did this because as a senior it's hard to see what you leave behind and what will happen in the future. However, we don't know what will happen. We see that of our senior year that was the best times, prom, homecoming, best dates, and of course graduation itself.

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