Selfless Love

If there was one thing I could tell you. I wish I could say it all.

I wish you’d know that I love you, no matter the bounds.

I wish you’d know that I fought for a world that throws love around,

In hope for a day when love would resound.


Not a flippant phrase yet forcefully used.

But a purity so beautiful, that not always words could be used.

Some a silent nod, some a tearful eye,

Some who with hope look unto the sky.

A smile of peace I know to be in their hearts,

As they realize the depth with their loved one’s depart.


I walked that day and went out of sight.

I prayed, for will to do what was right.

I left to fight hard, I had to be brave,

I had to show what true love could save.


But in efforts to do this a true red I’ve seen.

Like a rose so red or our torn flag’s seam.

The loss was so great, that love was almost unseen.


A prayer went up. A few men stood.

A torn flag raised, for whom and to what good?

For pure love they’d say, for the one’s back home.

For the love and honor became known.

A selfless love, all came to know.

Never seeing themselves going back home.


Never leave a man behind is what was heard.

Our hearts became numb as those fallen had served.

The sacrifice all made if they’d not to go home.

The crumpled photographs we all held was the closest to home.

Our loved ones praying we’d soon come home.


Remember the day I said I’d never leave?

Said if you heard please never believe?

Never forget the love I will always have,

A love so pure none to be had.


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