A sheltered home, a loving family

This is where I start

Learning what’s right

Living in the light 

A simple boy with an innocent heart


Always happy, I would run around

Not noticing the day or time

Fun was all I cared about

I had no responsibilities

I believed that everything was fine


But one day, I realized the truth.

I saw the world.

I saw it full of lies, hatred, murder, corruption.

I saw suffering in the lives of others.

I wept.

I wanted it all to stop.

I ran away from the truth, trying to keep my happy little life.

But I had seen too much.

I knew what reality truly was.


I thought to myself,

Surely, there must be some sort of hope in this world.

A light in the midst of darkness.

Something that could change the lives of others.

I then looked inside.

I searched, I dug, I pursued.

And then, I saw a spark in my own soul.

A flame that had been igniting in my heart.

Something that nobody else could control.


I was part of the answer to my question.

The response to my cry.

This little spark could create a wildfire that would spread to the ends of the earth.

Breath by breath,

It can revive the hearts of others,

And truly make a difference.

Every small deed,

Every slight action,

Each one makes a difference.


No longer do I only care about myself,

Nor do I prioritize my own desire.

I will let my light forever shine

So that all may see it

As my passion will never tire.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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