"Self" Termination


United States
33° 54' 26.1252" N, 81° 13' 47.4708" W

It’s a new season, a new game, time to refrain from the shame of my former ways.
Time to stand up, to man up, to walk out this faith I’ve so boldly proclaimed.

No more back-peddling & side-stepping, shortcuts will never bring the blessing.
No more regressing & testing this beautiful grace I’ve been trampling.

Secrets revealed, deeds exposed, truth in love transparently composed.
“Satan, you no longer have a stranglehold!”
As it has been said & you’ve been told;
your days are numbered, your destiny known, to the lake of fire you & your minions go!

Your smooth talking ebb & flow silenced by outer darkness & gnashing of teeth,
No more audience to feed your prideful conceit.
No longer the days disciples are deceived by your dainty treats.

Deliciously deceptive with eye candy appeal;
But as the skin is pealed & lie becomes real,
The fruit of this vine is revealed… the serpent strikes the heel.

What blows my mind, is how many times ill return to the vine of poisonous pride & lies
that convince me to rely on my mind, despite the countless previous tries!
Despite the innumerable past tries of depending on the wisdom of my might.
When will I give up this fight for my rights & depend on Holy Spirit counsel & insight?

Negotiating my plight has only led to weak vision, failed missions,
and one other disturbing condition… a lack of submission.
Beware of starting the ignition of tradition, the enemy of all Christians.
Complacency & comfort, the destroyer of discipline.

Lord, bring this rebellion to remission; the consequences of my decisions,
this life I’ve been living is no longer a tolerable situation.

The emulation of worldly fixations, I put on the altar of annihilation,
a sacrifice sufficient of godly appreciation.

Death to self, my greatest frustration!
Death to self – too much litigation
No more talk… “self” termination…………….


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