Self Sacrifice


Contemplating Suicide as I smile and say "Im Ok"

Contemplating Suicide in the church as I "Pray"

Contemplating Suicide as i "Live", "Move" and "Breathe"

Contemplating Suicide Just To Feel.

No one knows the Truth but you

And even now you slowly forget

Its not your fault you are cursed

Cursed with the curse of Humanity

Only thinking about Yourself

Your Problems, Your Pain, Your Shame

But "Its Ok"  "Its Fine" Im Here

Im Here to comfort you

With a Smile and Open Arms

Forgetting My Problems, My Pain, My Shame

Maybe Solving Your Problems would give me Peace 

Maybe Taking away Your Pain would bring me Healing

Maybe Redeeming Your Shame will grant me Salvation 

So as you cross this deadly swap of Life

Use My Head as a Stepping Stone

For I am Your Asylum

I am Your Safe Haven

I am Your Friend 




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