A Self Imposed Middle Man in my Mind

Sat, 09/08/2018 - 02:59 -- Aegis


United States

"You know, no."

Can you imagine the power you'd feel as you said that?

Clear, simple, point blank: no.

A final word, irrefutable. maybe even understood.

A point driven home by waving on the paragraphs-

"Sorry folks, I'm staying! No."



Why do people hurt me? 

Why do lies come in disguise of pleasant truths I'd delightedly cry-

rays of light in hopeless dark

embers of heat given by this phony spark.

why can't I feel the fakeness? And shut it down?

Why do my words insensitively bow

Bow down to a hope that overrides my system

I strained for your truths in case I would miss 'em

I prayed for relief when I knew it wouldn't come

Being my tormentor is the way to be done



No more deciet, no more of your lies

No more of a light and reliable smile

I'm done with these feelings of goodness inside

I am done with these fake feelings of confidence and pride

No to your fantasies filling my mind

No to your words which all seem so kind.

No more of this lifestyle- waiting for love

No more of your pity and rhymes

I've had it enough times


Don't pick me up with lies and drop me with truth

Beat me senesless with plans, be relentless with my youth

Take all my problems and cut them out of me with this 

scalpel you carry and my thoughts I can't marry

destroy me of pain and suffereing hearts

fix me O healer, of my broken parts.



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