Self Harm

*Before you read this poem I wanted to add a trigger warning. This poem is about self-harming. If things like that bother you then do not read this poem.*


I sat there and stared

How could this happen?

I was so careful

I gently laid my arm on my thigh

I silently and slowly look down to see the blood dripping





That's all I could hear

I sat there 

My mind blank

My heart racing

Lost in thought


I felt a sudden jerk

 My mind came back to reality 

I wiped the tears 

I flushed the bloody tissues down the toilet

I grabbed the razor from the sink and quickly ran the water

I watch the blood was down the drain

I splashed some water in my face

I pulled down my sleeves

I slowly unlock the bathroom door

Lily was a foot or two away from the door

"Alison, what took you so long?"

"Nothing," I reply "I don't feel so well...I'm going to do lay down"

I silently turn away and walk to my room

I felt a cold shiver run down my spine 

As I lift my sleeve to see what I have done

I fall to the ground

I cried and died a little inside

I just wanted the pain to stop 

I never meant to start hurting myself 

It just happened and now I can't stop...


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