Splendid! You tried to block my path

But you couldn’t handle the aftermath.

Others are so quick to judge my ways

I’m constantly praying for better days.

I refuse to follow the rules of society

Aim to be different not gain notoriety.

Why do we tend to put so much effort into being someone we’re not?

Diamonds and jewels are nice, but this girl can’t be bought.


If you could not tell I’m a limited edition

But of course, no one would notice due to the color of my skin

So many fail to realize what really matters is hidden within.

That’s when I understood that sometimes it’s better to be alone.

This is the time to build myself up, so I can obtain my royal throne.

How did we manage to forget that we are royalty?

Yet, everyday innocent people are losing their lives because of hate and disloyalty.


This world is full of evil and I’m far from perfect,

But with each passing day as I open my eyes the man above whispers “you’re worth it”.

There is only one way any of us can avoid the hate that we receive

We must have faith within ourselves and only then we can believe.

So, listen to my words and do as you will,

Life is not a race, we all have our own pace.

With all the evil in this world I’m praying someday that I can make my parents proud,

Sometimes I must remember to keep my head high and avoid getting mixed in with the wrong crowd.

After all, this life that we live is our biggest journey and when we finally cross the finish line hopefully we will see that despite everything we are worthy.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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