Self Defense

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Why you so surprised?

You thought change was gonna come

But let me explain something to you

History repeats itself

And it’s just a matter of time

Before you’re back in the fields.

We already got you picking cotton

Through that Aspirin bottle

We already taking and raping your women

We already got you living in those slave quarters

..uh I mean Projects

We already got you to like those whips and chains

You know,

The whips

And chains.

My name is George Zimmerman

And I think I’m Batman.

Patrolling the streets,

Your neighborhood vigilante.

“These assholes always get away”

But not this time,

I’ll make sure of it.

"Something's wrong with him, I think he’s on drugs or something"

"Yep. He's coming to check me out. He's got something in his hands."

Armed with Skittles and Iced Tea

He looks suspicious

“He’s wearing a hoodie and he’s a black male”

Description enough to be a criminal

You know hoods have been a symbol of violence for awhile now

The KKK started that.

I think I’ll follow him.

I think I’m God enough

To decide whether he lives or dies

These “niggas” need to learn a lesson

It is a crime to be black and wear hoodies

He should’ve known better.

It was self defense.

He looked suspicious

And..and he’s a black male.

It doesn’t matter that I have a history of domestic violence

And a gun on him

It was self defense.

It doesn’t matter that I have a hundred plus pounds

And a gun on him was self defense.

It doesn’t matter that I got eleven years

And a gun on him.

I said it was self defense

It doesn’t matter that I got a gun on him

Because here in Florida

It’s legal to lynch

I mean shoot young black man

I told you, history repeats itself.

Because here in Florida we shoot first, ask questions later.

I gotta stand my ground against these criminals

‘Cause I’m Batman


You got me

I’ll admit it

I think I’m God.

I got the power of life and death in my hands

And in my world

Being black equates to needing to be dead.

He should’ve known better

Than to wear a hoodie

And be black

And walk in my neighborhood.

It was self defense.

But I don’t need to plead my case

I’m a free man.

It doesn’t matter if it was a hoodie

Or hijab

Or turban

Or kufi

You can’t wear them

Can’t rock dreds

Natural hair or corn rows

Better shave that beard

And pull your pants up

Doesn’t matter if it’s dark skin or an accent

All of it matches the description

You’ll be the next

Emmett Till,

Navi Kaur

Amadou Diallo

Rodney King

Gagandeep Singh

Mohammed Al Hadi

Rekia Boyd

Trayvon Martin.

We won’t stop

I told you, history repeats itself.

Welcome to the new Antebellum South.

But it was self defense.

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