Self conflict

Why do you need an alarm clock when you never arrive at time?

If you ask me, it's futile; just dont show up

But be weary of the consequences that com with such ideals

Got to look up and put on the usual poker face

Got to let the world know I'm alright

Not that anyone would care about my wellbeing

Remind me again,what the significance of this pale sky is?

You are laughing at the total pushover I've have become

They are laughing the empty man before them

Quiet down other me

The crowd has been kept waiting for too long

Open the curtains, this is the conclusion to my wretched life

I'm not in the mood for half-baked apologies

Another round for the trouble alcoholic in the corner

Another round of applause for the phony magician

A tiny flesh wound that eventually became a scar

Why must my life always be drawn to tragedy?

In my final moments, the sound of celebration and cheering consume the silence

For now, I'll keep indulging on these nostalgic feelings


















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