The moon such an alluring entity

Such a mesmerizing and glorious being

It's hides and quivers at times

Part of her always masked

Always hides her face and a side to her being

Very much like people

Confused, battered, destroyed, lost, hopeful, gullible and often naive

A New Moon is completely secluded from the universe

She camouflages her façade to never be found nor gazed at

As the tides change with every passing wave and days conclude, her face starts to slowly but surely reappear

A Waxing Crescent Moon,

She confides in someone anew

Leisurely manifesting to their care

Now she's halfway there

They’ve mastered nearly everything about her

She's revealing all her secrets

Trust is flowing out of her pores

A First Quarter Moon,

She's oblivious of what's to come

Lost in the spirits she's presented

A Waxing Gibbous Moon,

Lost in the core of the care she's been falsely given

A Full Moon,

There's not a thing else to learn

They know every inch and corner of her figure

From head to toe or from face to face

Now they butcher that trust that's taken so long to prosper

She's beaten, and abused

Diminishing to Waning Gibbous to Last Quarter to Waning Crescent

They massacre her hopes, dreams, and visions

She's lost without her confidence and companion

So very sad, those you belief in the most climax to betray you


Is the message sent across to never trust again?


I think not,

Like Selene and her celestial lunar entity

You, like she must grow afresh

Come out from the shadows

After a New Moon, were all hope is lost

Grow fond of a new passion

Learn to trust again

Always except disappointment, but with growing care and faith, jollity will follow


Life has numerous ups and downs and countless stages

Eternally keep persevering

Open new doors, Take new risks

Explore new adventures


But most importantly like the Phoenix rise again from the ashes to conquer

And like Diana learn new tricks and faces


Now be braver

Become a savior



Beautiful imagery, compelling meaning. I wish my poems were half as good as this. I guess I need more practise. I liked all the mixed myhtology references1

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