See Me For Me

See Me for Me


Let me tell you

You see me on the outside and think you know who I am

Let me show you

Who the real person is underneath the lamp

But you look at my face and hear what I say

And you jump to the highest bow

Just see me for me, and I’ll see you for you

Can we just break down the walls?

Can we just break down the thoughts?

That keep us rooted here

A distance from each other

We haven’t spoken

But you look at me and think

“I know who you are, its written in ink”

I see you, and I turn my head

Cause I think I know your story

But I’m just too far ahead

Can we just close our eyes, close our eyes

Quiet our minds, and

See me for me

And I’ll see you for you

In the past, you may have judged me to quickly

Or I may have seen you thus

Can we put that behind us?

Put it behind us and start anew!

See me for me

And you for you….


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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