Secrets of Life

Fri, 05/19/2017 - 07:41 -- Hussein


United States

Once upon a dark night 

In my chamber   With no light  I found a book I decided to read  The secrets of life ,  Thought it's all I need  With an eager look  I grasped the book Sat on my bed  But wish I never read Thoughts ran wild in my mind And loneliness took over on the inside Took over a pure heart Once so long ago  Never knew  That's how life is supposed to go Away from the chamber I decided to walk  Maybe search for a neighbor  And just have talk A friend of mine would do well  But I had no place to dwell A vagrant heart I owned  But sure wasn't stoned No home for it I found  To loneliness I was bound  The book was blank  And that's when I knew  There are no secrets  To the life I'm living through Sad it seems the place I am  Don't pity me Sir or ma'am   


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