Have you ever heard something
You don’t care to hear,
But you grin and pull through it
Dismissing the tear?
The secret another
Desperately shares
Is a thing you need not,
But who else would care?
You take care of that soul,
They do not know it.
They need you, although
They don’t often show it.
You have nothing else,
There’s a void left to fill.
You thought they would take it,
But they never will.
For the void runs too deep 
To be conquered by pity.
Overflowing with effort
And drowning the city
Is how you truly feel,
Buried profoundly inside.
Whatever you tried,
Oh, you cried.
The empty space,
Still vacant in mind,
Forever is waiting
For the one of right kind.
Though, somehow, unsure
You’re choosing to wonder
If the one ever comes
Oh do they just wander?
Because fate is not right,
It does not exist.
However, if you listen,
The secret is this.
Rely on yourself,
For no one is right.
Just fall asleep lightly,
Dream of heaven tonight.


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