Secret Tears

You possess a love that only few people have.
And you are quite an unpredictable woman.
I could not foresee this doleful outcome.
You loved me and then you walked out on me,
But a part of me keeps thinking about you.
My smile is gone, and I wear a dull face every day.
I do not want to experience the blues forever.
And only you can take away my forlornness.

I have cried secretly since you went away,
But my secret tears cannot ease the hurt.
The loss of your love still affects me severely.
How much longer can I conceal the tears?
I wonder if the pain of loneliness will ever subside.
The prolonged solitude has saddened my heart.
Where is the serenity that I had once?
I am alone, and it is so hard to live without you.

Tonight seems to be the loneliest night of my life.
My bed linen feels as cold as the snow.
I have sincerely spoken apologetic words,
But I just cannot get through to you.
Tears of sorrow keep falling from my eyes.
And my anguish is growing stronger.
Darling, I am still longing for your love.
Maybe this poem will persuade you to return.

I cannot bury the best love of my yesteryear.
Remember the old songs that we used to play.
The rhythms made us dance and sway.
What became of the sweet-sounding melodies?
It seems that the end of the world is near.
Time will not go on for me if you are not here.
What can I do to arouse compassion in you?
I cannot shed secret tears for you anymore.


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