Secret Sister

Sat, 01/11/2014 - 16:52 -- amvoss


The favorite has them tied

Around that delicate finger of hers.

Every which way she turns, they follow

Like helpless pups—tail between their legs.

That unearned sports car, only hers because of them.

As long as she lived at home,

They’d give her the world.

Anything for their precious angel.

So perfect, so surreal to those that gave birth,

Yet so mischievous in these eyes of mine.

Blessed with natural beauty and intelligence,

She’s nothing but pure bliss.

She fools them with her innocence, with her stainlessness.

They may fall for her hopeless charm,

But I know the reality—her dark truth.

Those Buckle jeans don’t hide her flaws

Any more than that smile hides the facts.

Against the social norm, I see her double life.

The one that fails our parents and the one

That evokes anger throughout the community.

She’s not as flawless as they believe,

But they’ll never know—

Until she wants to marry her girlfriend.


Though I’ll leave the telling up to her,

As this would give me great joy

To watch her squirm and move about

Under their magnifying glass.

Besides, she is my sister after all

And one I could not bare to hurt

So I continue this charade of keeping lies

This will work out for me

It all just takes time.


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