Second Face


United States
31° 14' 20.9184" N, 90° 23' 37.2192" W

Want me to be me
This mask I’ve built rubs me the wrong way
I feel it tighten around my heart
Chasing it, encasing it, burying it

See through my second face
Through this clay and plaster holding it in place
It squeezes me--I feel it trembling, creaking
See my disguise, my lies, my flaws

Tear down my false refuge
These spider web cracks that I try to mend
Not realizing that ‘mask’ is the polite word for prison
I believed, was deceived by myself

Look past this facade
It crumbles under the weight of my past
Heavy as sin it topples down to bury me
Covering me, smothering me, crushing me

Uncover what I’m hiding
A tear stained face newly lifted from it’s shell
Dust covered and bleeding from the ruin of the mask
Be brave for me, save me,


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