Second Chance

Wed, 01/14/2015 - 08:56 -- Bman29

I can't say that I am a person who is outgoing. However, I do like to have fun and laugh as I am growing. With the different types of people that I meet. Rather they be friend or foe that I first greet. Although whenever I do smile to hide what I feel. If you could look at my life though a simple movie reel. You would be able to tell that a majority of it was painful and conflicting for me. Now I have nothing but regret for nearly every moment and want to flee. It cannot be helped  for what most would say destiny being inevitable even if you change an outcome of multiple scenes. It has come down to the final verdict of my enjoyment it seems. No matter what obstacle, however small or big, is being thrown at me in a pile. I will still always give my surpressing smile.

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