Dear God,

Are you real?

The world is tearing itself apart

Darkness grows and consumes so many

Leaving broken children, bitter mothers, hardened fathers

People hurt others and are hurt by them

The world is tearing itself apart


The sun sill rises, even on gray days

Flowers still bloom, even though the frost may come again

The human soul longs for hope, longs for healing, for light

On even the darkest nights, the stars still shine

And their light is the brighter for the dark

Are you real?

Or is all of life a grand coincidence

One random genetic superiority leading to another

Evolving into all of what we know as life with no purpose

No hope to be found if we are simply a mistake

No purpose for this grand coincidence


If you are real

Perhaps there is hope

Perhaps there is purpose for the mess of humanity

Perhaps there is light in the darkness

I hope you are real



This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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