The Search


Where do I start

Should I start with a map 

Or should I start with my Imagination

The mind takes a toll on its aspiration for greatness

The images flow from my imagination

To a reality untold like an unread book 

who am I to say that this is just another dream 

Crack houses to in flamed bodies I watch my people 

burn as the iniquities born from this world as it takes over

my body like the venom from a poisons snake

who takes the crown of love as we murder each other to feel respected

But to overcome disrespect we have to give it our all

Lost in a hidden world our life turns to the ends. 

No one cares about the time we spent in it. 

Why do you run to the man when he was the one who grimed it

Another mans dream to greatness is lost because it was his friend who killed it 


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